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The most affordable and only Middlebury College student-owned and operated bed rental company.

Photo by: Van Barth

Middlebury Class of 2021

All beds are sold out for Fall! Order now for J-Term + Spring and save $15!

Our most popular product, The Midd Kid Biggabed package turns your 36" wide Twin-XL bed into a luxurious 52" wide Full-XL bed. The package comes with:

  • Biggabed frame system

  • 16” mattress extension

  • Waterproof sanitation mattress protector

  • 1" Lux Foam Support Layer

  • 2" Memory Foam Topper

  • Delivery to your dorm room (installation available as well!)


How It Works

Our patent-pending Biggabed frame system attaches directly to your school-provided bed frame and instantly turns your Twin-XL frame into a Full-XL, Queen or custom-sized Slightly Biggabed frame, giving you more room for better sleep. 

Artboard 15.png

The Biggabed Frame

Artboard 2.png

Standard Twin-XL 


Slightly Biggabed

(Custom 44")

Midd Kid Biggabed

(Full-XL 52")

The Biggest Bed

(Queen 60")

Biggabed Sizes

Sustainability & Charity

Taking care of our world isn't an afterthought for us - it's built into our business model. Click below to find out more about our initiatives.


Have a question? Check out our FAQs page to see if we've already answered it. If not, just send us a note on our contact page.

Package Info

We have a bigg selection of product options for you to choose from. Check out the details for all our different options here!

Installation Guide

We can install your bed for you, but for you DIY-ers, check out this page for our Installation Guides!


Don't just listen to us, take a look at what some of our lovely customers are saying:

Maya '22

Battell Hall

Before I got a Bigg-A-Bed, I wasn’t sure if it would really make a big difference in how I sleep. But after I got it and tested it out, I never wanted to give it back!

Matt '23

Stewart Hall

"The Bigg-A-Bed is an absolute game-changer. Not sure how I ever slept comfortably in a twin, and 100% sure I'm never going back."

Ayman '20

Atwater Hall

"Bigg-A-Bed is exactly what I needed. The extra space in my bed grants me the best sleeping experience I have had throughout my 4 years at Middlebury College. My Bigg-A-Bed was easy to step up and easily fit in my Atwater single."

Our Policies


Satisfaction Guaranteed

Realize your room is a bit smaller than you thought? Feel like your topper is a little too soft? Let us know and we'll do whatever we can to fix it! For up to 30 days after receiving your bed you can cancel your order, switch sizes or change toppers, just let us know!

If we deem that any part of the package is broken or missing due to customer misuse or mishandling, you will be responsible for reimbursement.

Store Policies

At Biggabed, we want to give our customers the best sleeping experience possible. That’s why we believe that our store policies should be fair, clear, and transparent. Below you’ll find our Rental Agreement, Refund Policy, and Privacy Policy. If you can’t find the information you’re looking for - please don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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